Welcome to the National Skills Academy Network

National Skills Academies are employer-led organisations with a leading role in developing the infrastructure needed to deliver specialist skills for key sectors and sub-sectors of the economy. National Skills Academies bring employers together with specialist training organisations to develop solutions which tackle the skills challenges facing their sector, and contribute to world-class competitiveness through increased skills levels and employer investment. They are focused on transforming the way a sector’s training and development needs are addressed.

There are currently 19 National Skills Academies in various stages of development.

Latest news

NSARE Chief Executive Gil Howarth has been asked to Chair the network of nineteen National Skills Academies for 18 months. He took up the appointment on 12th September 2013.

New NSA Network site

The National Skills Academy Network launched a new website during November 2013 with updated links to the academies.
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